Friday, March 3, 2017

Our story is very different from everyone else. We dated for five months, got engaged and now we are planning a wedding- my freshman year of college and at the age of 19. 
Now I can only imagine what is running through your head right now.... because I've been thrown these comments for the past couple of months. (for example: Aren't you too young to get married? Are you pregnant? What about college or a career? What about Miss Lehi? Your pageant career is more important than marriage! You got over your last EX way too fast. Don't you want to date around? Travel? How can you afford that? What about having fun? And the list could only go on...)

I chose to marry young because I found the one who I want to spend eternity with. How sad is it that in today's world when someone says "I found the one I'm going to spend forever with" people just tend to nod their head, smile at you, but think in their head "you're crazy".  Or the best is hearing "50% of marriages end of divorce you know that right?" Let's have a little more faith in love people. My point of this post is certainly not to rush everyone to marriage at this exact moment in their life. However, if you feel prepared for that next step in life then go for it! I feel like people tend to judge your marriage decision just because at that point in their life, they are no where ready for marriage. Which is totally fine! We are all on different paths in life and the timing of things will be different for all of us.

Dating Jordan, I fell for him fast. I couldn't imagine my life with out him and I knew that was a sign that this was a good thing. There was no point in denying my happiness or love just because of my age or the stage of life that I was in. Often times people would ask me "why rush into it and get married?" My response was "WHY WAIT?" I knew that I wanted him by my side through everything, the good and the bad. And I knew that I wanted to make that commitment to him so I didn't see a point in waiting. Nothing felt rushed to me at all. The worst thing to hear from someone was "This is a big decision for someone so youngto be making, are you sure you know he's the one"? When I would hear things like this I just got really confused.

"You are too young to get married". Oh really, I am? I'm sorry I didn't see that in the rule book....

It is about maturity and commitment. There is definitely a maturity level that I think you need to make such a commitment. You need to love unconditionally and realize that your spouses needs to come before your own. But who are you to tell me or anyone else for that matter, that they are too young to make this decision. Just because it's trendy to wait till your late twenties early thirties to get married doesn't mean it's the right decision for everyone.

Another argument I've heard people say is "aren't you scared you're going to miss out on some fun years? or how do you know if he is the one you want to be with? Or aren't you going to get bored of the same person? What about your pageant career?"

I would actually prefer not wasting my time with guys who are cute and sweet at first but are just interested in getting some from me rather than having a real, respectful relationship. As far as "missing out" I don't feel like I'm missing out at all. In fact, I have more fun having my best friend by my side through all of our crazy life adventures and experiencing life with him! If I got bored with him, I wouldn't have married him. Simple. Those people who think that have a small idea of what marriage or a serious relationship on any level, regardless of age is. Again, I'm not sure what the rules say... but I'm pretty sure that when you get married it doesn't mean all fun ends right then and there. Unless your idea of fun is getting wasted every weekend, heading to the clubs, or hitting up that cute frat boy just to have "some fun" then yes, the fun will end. 
For my pageant career, this is a personal subject I don't like to share. I have my own personal opinion on pageants and decided BEFORE I met, Jordan to stop doing them.  I realized that I don't need a crown on my head to serve my platform. Everyone has dreams and dreams change. There is nothing that I can't do with having my fiancĂ© by my side. I have a great job, I have had several amazing opportunities that no one has had at my age, we have our future plans, and life is amazing. 

Don't get me wrong. Marriage isn't always a walk in the park. We will share the good moments, but marriage is hard work but it is worth it. I choose to believe that not every marriage ends in divorce and that lasting love is out there, you just need to fight for it.   

For my past relationships of getting over someone "too fast." I didn't want to sit around and be upset all day about having my heart broken. Life is too precious and short to sit around and be upset. I decided to pick myself up, choose to be happy and move on. The past is the past and you can't change anything about it. 

I believe that we date to find whom we want to marry. When I found the man that I wanted to date forever and ever, I couldn't let him go. Making the decision to get married so young will be the best choice for me in my life. I'm not saying it's a lifestyle for everyone but it was for me. So I hope that the next time you hear of someone getting married and in your opinion you may think it's too young just be happy for them, leave the judgements aside, and remember everyone is walking on a different path in this life. 


  1. i love this sienna, i wish you both the best of luck and all the happiness this world has to offer. <3


  2. Amen, sista' well written and very on point! Love you and I totally support you!

  3. I love this!! You are so lucky to have found someone so amazing!!

  4. So glad you own your life. I fully and completely respect that! Love to you and Jordan.
    -Cammi Garner
    P.S. My parents were married at 18 and 19 years old. This August it will be 49 years together. Young love is beautiful. Marriage at any age is 100 times harder than you ever imagined and 1000 times more rewarding than you've ever dreamed. Love to you both.