week of happiness

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Jordan had leave for one whole week! (yes a WEEK) Last time I got to have him for that long was when we first met, it was so amazing having my best friend by my side for that long. 

This week we had so much wedding planning to do. We had a high school friends wedding to go to, engagements, decoration shopping and had to go to IN-N-OUT for Jordan's sake... So there was a variety of things that needed to be done. It was very helpful to have, Jordan tag along and have him share his opinion on decorations... even if what he suggested wasn't the best! (LOL)
During this week of chaos we also did something INSANE.... we purchased our first car! For those who know me personally, know that I have never had my OWN car before. I used my families car and it would break down on me everyday. 
So everyone please welcome, Bruce Almighty .

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  1. Love the pics! Glad you got a lot done this last week. Love you both!