our story

how we met
Jordan is in the military and is stationed in Missouri, he had the opportunity to go on leave and decided to come to Utah for his two weeks off. 
While he was in Utah, he had NO intentions to meet someone. He has four years left and basically decided he was going to be a single pringle for the rest of his time serving.
Okay, now here is the funny part. WE MET ON TINDER.
{you are probably laughing right now}
We came upon each others profiles and we matched!! 
When we matched I also had no intentions of being in a relationship... having a boyfriend was the last thing I wanted at that time. 

our first date
We went on our first date on September 19th and what an adventure that was.
Jordan knocked on my door and I knew I was in deep trouble. He was so handsome that my roommates were freaking out and wanted to know if he had a brother.
But holy cow-was he cute. I thought I was gonna die for a second. 
We got sushi, bowling, ice cream, traveled across utah county, drove up the mountain and overlooked the city lights until 3 am. 
We were laughing and talking to each other like we knew each other for years. I thought it was so weird of how things were going so smoothly. 
I kept telling myself that I didn't want things to move on, but my heart kept saying- GO FOR IT.
After Jordan dropped me off, I got really upset. 
For one he didn't kiss me and two he was leaving. 
We texted and agreed to go on a second date- ya know, play it by ear kind of thing. 

two weeks of happiness
After our second date we were inseparable. 
We hung out every day for two weeks straight and each day was a new adventure.
Hanging out with Jordan wasn't awkward, it felt RIGHT.

start of something new
After five months of dating- on January 27, 2017 our relationship went to the next step.
We got ENGAGED!! 

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  1. Sienna is the love of my life! The day I met her, I knew there was something special about her! After only 2 weeks, I fell in love with her. It was much like a Nicholas sparks story to say the least. Our story summarizes into a story like this…….Once upon a time, there was a military man on leave for only 2 weeks. Little did he know, he would end up finding the perfect girl, spending every waking moment with her, and falling in love. Sadly, the two weeks flew by and he had to report back for duty. They didn’t know how it would work between them but were willing to give it a shot. Why? Because they loved each other. The distance only mattered if they let it. And in their case, it only brought them closer and strengthened their relationship beyond that of couples that were more fortunate with living close to each other. Throughout the next couple month’s they consistently flew back and forth to be by each other’s side. They could not even begin to imagine how life would be if they couldn't be together. They went through countless hardships but fought for their love with everything they had! They would give all they had to be with each other. Each time they said goodbye, they knew it would not be for long. After 4 months of some various hardships , making beautiful memories, and falling more and more in love, they knew that the time was right to get engaged and start preparing for marriage. He loved her with every fiber of his being! He knew that she was the one that he wanted to be with forever. Not just in this life, but for eternity. He felt unworthy to ask her hand in marriage but knew that he would do everything in his power to be the perfect guy for her.. He wanted to live life with her and grow stronger and stronger. Each time he thought about various memories, he could only think, ‘and I thought I loved her then.’ Every day his love for her grows stronger and stronger. He would do anything to make her happy. To make her feel special. to make her feel the love he has for her. Though he isn’t perfect, he believes that their love is perfect. Though he doesn’t believe in perfect circumstances, he does believe in being perfect for each other. She saves him each and every day. His heart beats and skips for her. He is ready to share all that he has with her. He wants her to be his wife. She is the sweetest girl he has ever met! Though It’s nowhere near as sweet as her, the next clue is waiting for her at one of their favorite places to satisfy their sweet tooth’s! (Remember when I rested my hand on your leg for the first time? And you were freaking out inside? Yeah, go there. Get yourselves some deliciousness and they will give you your next clue! And yes, bring the whole crew! The card is good to go!)